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Small Business Search Engine Optimization Automation

One of the most complex and confusing aspects of Search Engine Optimization is keeping up with Google and their never-ending updates and improvements to its search algorithm. Upwards of 500 updates a year are published to Google's search engine equations, most of which happen without notice. A relatively recent update now penalizes distracting interstitials and pop-ups [...]

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Block Web Traffic From Countries for WordPress | Geo IP Redirect

Bulk IP Redirect using Geo IP Redirect How do I block spam referrers and other toxic traffic, backlinks, etc, on my WordPress websites? The short answer is: you can't. Just like any other aspect of life, there is always someone smarter, stronger, etc. Long answer:T he best we can do is prepare, educate, and execute [...]

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Avoid the Big Hits in Small Business Ownership – Take Care of the Small Things

Small businesses often overlook small fixes to larger problems   Today's lesson is about how to pour an IPA  correctly... Or maybe it is about how to a run a small business the right way by paying attention to details. In my experience with small business owners through the years I have come to understand what makes [...]

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Why YellowPages is Destroying Small Business in America – Part 1

I will get right to the shady (and borderline illegal) businesses practices conducted by YellowPages with some opinion... but mostly with fact and proof. Over the years I have heard dozens of stories from clients and friends being duped by [unscrupulous] freelancers and businesses serving the web to the public. Generally these complaints are as a result of [...]

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Increase Your Small Business Local Visibility

Google recently announced a new product suite called Google My Business.Google promises the Google My Business is the new way that loyal customers will interact with your business. It’s free, and it will help your business connect with your customers, according to Google’s claims. Why do I need local search engine listings? Local Search [...]

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Hire a Wisconsin Web Design Company or Use DIY Website Builder?

DIY Website builder - Right For My Business? Running a small business is hard but rewarding. You’re in a million places at once. There’s an endless list of things still to do. At Sinergy Media, we know because we’re there. Just like you, we’re a small business here in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. However, we’re seeing a [...]

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How Google+ helps SEO

How Google+ helps SEO Google Plus, or commonly referred to as Google+, can help your business be seen by more customers. It’s true, it has a smaller market share than the social media giant Facebook or Twitter, but the Google Plus proximity to the search engine makes it a social media platform that shouldn’t [...]

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Keywords and SEO: The first step to the front page of Google

The fundamental, basic element of good SEO is using the correct focus.  Keywords are the bits of information that allows Google and Bing to match up search queries with search results. Simply stated, well-planned keywords lead to a higher search ranking. I can talk for days about how to plan your keywords and select the [...]

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SEO ROI – Is My SEO Working?

Is My SEO working? As we all know, SEO takes time to work. We at JSX Design know that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. However, every business wants to know its Return on Investment (ROI), so if you’re in charge of improving your own Google ranking, you know you have to be careful to weed [...]

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Will the real BBB please stand up?

In today’s internet dependent world, it should come to no surprise that the internet is the first place people check to gather information on products or services.  The internet is undoubtedly an excellent resource for gathering information and getting references.  However, lots of information on the internet can be very misleading. How so? Well I [...]

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