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Small businesses often overlook small fixes to larger problems

  Today’s lesson is about how to pour an IPA  correctly… Or maybe it is about how to a run a small business the right way by paying attention to details. In my experience with small business owners through the years I have come to understand what makes them tick.  The independence and freedom to make your own success, decisions, and not have to answer to anyone, are among the driving factors that motivate small business owners.  However,  an underlying commonality is a large number of small business owners overlook the small things.  They shoot for the big payout and miss details that are essential to the machine that is small business. A friend and fellow small business owner once said (perhaps it was a few times… I don’t recall) “Jeff,  the idea is to stick with what you are good at,  and pay other people for what they are good at” At first I took his advice in passing.  After a few months went by it became more and more relevant as I added services and responsibilities to my plate. I have taken  his advice more seriously over the past few months; it has proven itself constantly. As with most advice, I took his and extrapolated it to my situation and applied it to the topic of today’s ramble. The big details and broad picture are important,  obviously.  Failure to ascertain the importance of the small things is,  in my opinion,  one of the most common points of failure for small businesses.

What about the beer,  Sir?

Ah yes… the beer.  This an isolated example and should be taken as such.  Don’t read too deep or you will miss the big picture.  Ha, ha.  So,  I am a fan of hopped up IPA beers.  Have been since I can remember.  Recently I visited a couple beer purveyors (restaurants) where I was sorely disappointed when I received my fine beer with absolutely zero head.  This may not mean anything to some of you. The point is,  although it may be a small detail,  it is an important one to those who know their hops. Bring it together already!

The small business devil is into details


Notice anything?

Details maginfied

Pay attention to the small stuff!

The aforementioned friend also is a major offender of neglecting the small things. Replacing light bulbs, lighting a candle, maintaining stock, and cleaning bathrooms, (in my opinion this is paramount to running a successful restaurant/bar, who wants to eat at a place with a dungeon for a bathroom?!) are all things that are easily taken care of but often neglected. If you are having a tough time keeping your business in line, before dumping money into a high risk-quick payout, think about the small things that you could have overlooked. More often than not fixing these things costs little or no money and very little time.       Have you had an experience with a business you own or have visited that could use a little TLC in the details department? We’d love to hear about it, please leave a comment below!

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