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In today’s internet dependent world, it should come to no surprise that the internet is the first place people check to gather information on products or services.  The internet is undoubtedly an excellent resource for gathering information and getting references.  However, lots of information on the internet can be very misleading. How so? Well I have a perfect personal experience that the BBB probably doesn’t want you to know about!

Website Design Company Example

It is important to consider the source when doing online research.  For example, let’s say you are searching to find the best website building company.  You probably will start by looking at the website designer’s company homepage and visit websites that this company has built in the past.  This is an excellent start to your quest of finding the best website building company.  You may even take it a step further by doing a google search to see how this website design company does with search engine optimization (SEO).  So you like what you see so far and decide to check the website designer’s Yelp reviews and BBB rating.  You find that this website design company has very positive Yelp comments and a perfect A+ rating with the BBB.  This should be a deal-closer and you found your website design company, right?  Not so fast.  Let’s explore the yelp comments and BBB rating a little further…  


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BBB ratings are a complete joke!

The BBB grading systems has the integrity of a heroin addict.  It is very possible to be the worst company ever and still carry an A+ rating.  Likewise, it is possible to be a great company that provides excellent services yet carry a dismal BBB rating.  Nonetheless, BBB is not all bad.  If a company has a slew of negative comments, then it is pretty safe to say that you should avoid this company.  BBB cannot lead you to a good company but it is an excellent resource to expose bad companies.  When multiple people take the time to write the BBB about their negative experience with a company then that tells a lot about this particular company.  So just completely ignore a company’s BBB rating and go straight to their customer complaint section.  Ironically the BBB has recently received a lot of negative feedback about their business practices.  

Yelp actually admits fake reviews

Yelp is not much better than the BBB.  Yelp actually admitted that 25% of their reviews could be fake.  Obviously it is in the best interest of companies to have many positive yelp reviews.  And nothing is stopping these businesses from submitting as many fake reviews as possible to make their company look better than they deserve.  The easy tell of fake reviews is when a company has a lot of very bad reviews and also a lot of very good reviews.  More than likely this subpar company is trying to offset their real negative reviews with fake positive reviews.  So just be aware that you cannot take everything at face value on these websites because they are fundamentally flawed.  

My personal experience with the BBB

A couple of years ago a BBB sales rep contacted me and told me that I currently have a C- rating.  Website presence and our company’s image are very essential, so I was eager to hear how I could improve this rating.  In a classic “pay for play” fashion I decide to pay to become an accredited BBB company.  This accreditation consisted of a short phone interview, verifying my companies contractor license, proof of insurance, and most importantly paying a fee and “Voilà!” my new rating was an A+.  I feel that my company is worthy of an A+ rating, but how could BBB justify an A+ rating without contacting a single previous client.  It would have been possible for me to have an A+ rating with the BBB without ever having performed a single service ever.  This wasn’t the case with my company, but it sure displays how the grading system could be misleading.  

About the guest blogger

My name is Jeff Bowles and I own a remodeling company based in Milwaukee, WI.  I am passionate about providing excellent services for all my clients.  Many businesses do not take customer satisfaction as seriously as they should.  It is unfortunate that providing trustworthy services can be a differentiating factor of a company because all service companies should strive to serve their clients with the best possible services. I recently had the pleasure of having my website designed by JSX website design.  They did an absolutely amazing job on my new website and helped me build my company’s image.  Not only did they build my website, but they also designed my new logo.  Their search engine optimization (SEO) did wonders for my web presence.  My google rankings of my newly design website are now high across the board.  I have been getting more leads from my website than ever before.  I actually stopped paying for Google Ads because my new website is ranked higher than most of my competitors’ websites. I needed a website design company that cared about my website as much as I did.  Too many other website design companies are in the business of cashing checks and forget about building great company websites.  It is my pleasure to share my experiences as a guest blogger and if you are looking for a website design company in Madison, WI, give JSX website design a call.

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