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Bulk IP Redirect using Geo IP Redirect

How do I block spam referrers and other toxic traffic, backlinks, etc, on my WordPress websites? The short answer is: you can’t. Just like any other aspect of life, there is always someone smarter, stronger, etc. Long answer:T he best we can do is prepare, educate, and execute the best options available to us. Hopefully your web server has enabled GeoIP a service that determines the
WP Geo IP Redirect Add Rules

Adding rules to WP Geo IP Redirect is Easy

geographical origin of each visitor to server. One WordPress plugin we found to be simple to use, and effective is WP Geo IP Redirect found on (click on image to go there now). This plugin is easy to install and use. Additionally, setting up your preferred restrictions is a breeze. One thing we found is that if we want to block all countries but the USA, or a selected group, the set-up process can get pretty lengthy. That is why we are providing this CSV in a Zip file with predefined rules for all countries excluding USA and a select few other low-risk traffic countries (United Kingdom, Canada, etc) WP Geo IP Redirect Comma Separated Value (CSV) Exclude All But USA (and select others)WP Geo IP Redirect (CSV)
WP GeoIP csv Upload WordPress

Upload the CSV here.

All you have to do is download the zip, extract the .csv,  and upload it to your installation of WP Geo IP Redirect, and relax knowing the majority of toxic traffic from countries with less than savory characters is safely blocked and redirected. If you have any trouble installing the plugin or uploading the .csv file please don’t hesitate to contact us. If it is quick and simple issue we’ll probably help for free. Otherwise we offer WordPress plugin installation starting at just $25. If this helps you please feel free to give a shout-out below!

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