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DIY Website builder – Right For My Business?

Running a small business is hard but rewarding. You’re in a million places at once.

There’s an endless list of things still to do. At Sinergy Media, we know because we’re there. Just like you, we’re a small business here in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. However, we’re seeing a trend of DIY website template companies that will “get you online”. They promise to be fast and cheap. Along with everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. We’d like to discuss why falling for the promises of one of these do it yourself website companies is a bad idea. The following are a few reasons why as a small business, you shouldn’t trust do it yourself websites:

A DIY website gives you the keys to a car that has no gas in the tank.

Oh, and it comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black. It’s a painful truth that usually found out too late – there’s a surprising lack of customization options, which is growing more all-important in today’s evolving trends towards custom sites. A cheap and easy site may serve your needs for now, but as your company grows, we’ve seen too many businesses that have sites that are unable to grow with them. At JSX, we specialize in providing you with a site that can be easily customized and adapt to new trends and company changes. What’s more, we know our systems, so any maintenance or upgrades are done quickly and easily by us, with little to no downtime on your site.

Sinergy Media saves you time.

Again, we know what it takes to run a small business. Time is always a scarce commodity. How important is your time to you?  When you have a do-it-yourself website, that’s just it – you’re doing everything yourself! When you trust JSX Design to maintain your site, you get all that time you would have spent poring over your website back, so you’re free to do what matters most – focus on your business.

Sinergy builds a strong audience that a DIY Website builder simply cannot do.

We’ve got years of experience in knowing what attracts customers, and we know how to make a website that looks, reads and feels right to attract more of those customers. Through smart design and engaging content, we build a site for you that your customers will look to as an authority in your field. What’s more, this content must constantly be changing, or both Google as well as your audience will eventually not see it as fresh, new and helpful content and stop paying attention to your site. We know the best way to build your audience through platforms such as blogs, email marketing and social media so we can attract (and retain) as many visitors to see your company as possible.

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