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How Google+ helps SEO

Google Plus, or commonly referred to as Google+, can help your business be seen by more customers. It’s true, it has a smaller market share than the social media giant Facebook or Twitter, but the Google Plus proximity to the search engine makes it a social media platform that shouldn’t be ignored. In the following article, we will discuss how Google+ can help your business attract a higher search ranking.
Of course, Google’s main focus is to provide its audience with the best search experience possible. So, when others +1 your page, it signals to Google that the content on your page is beneficial and useful to web traffic. Google+ helps SEO by letting Google know you’re a trustworthy, knowledgeable site. This adds to your authorship and in turn boosts your Google ranking. So make sure you add the +1 button to your website!

People will actually share your content

Thanks to the Google+ circles feature, this platform has an incredible level of engagement. By setting up your circles, you can make sure that the content you share will reach those more readily interested in your topic. You can put the most relevant content in the hands of the most interested audience, who are much more likely to share your content.

Add some rich snippets to your listing

Rich snippets are the pieces of information that show up on the search results page itself. Having smart rich snippets can give the audience a “taste” of what good, quality content is contained in your site. This is achieved by linking your website to your Google+ account, where it can add information like author information for blogs or articles and follower count, adding to the credibility of your site. Google has indicated that authors may be recognized in their particular field as authorities. If you can produce good content that’s recognized to the point where you’re a bonafide author in the field, your page rank goes up!

Google is crawling Google+ (obviously)

Unlike other social media platforms, Google indexes Google+ pages. This means that any Google+ interaction can show up in search results, greatly increasing your exposure.

Be found in your neighborhood

Google+, with its integration into Google Local, looks at your business’ Google+ page if someone is searching locally. It may give your business precedence on a search engine results page if your business is listed as local to your audience. Read more about Google’s local listings and what they can do for your business.

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