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The fundamental, basic element of good SEO is using the correct focus.  Keywords are the bits of information that allows Google and Bing to match up search queries with search results. Simply stated, well-planned keywords lead to a higher search ranking. I can talk for days about how to plan your keywords and select the right ones you want to focus on, but for this blog post, for the sake of brevity, I will focus on how to use the keywords that you want to incorporate on your site. Focus on a few. Although stuffing may have worked 15 years ago, Google’s algorithms are too smart for that now. Using a few carefully selected keywords on a page will be much more effective than stuffing your title tag and content. If you’re using a focus word planner or tool, use it to distill even 2-3 words, if you can easily do so on the page. For example, if a roofing contractor also does siding, and you’re adding content to a page on the site that’s dedicated to siding, “roofing contractor” or anything related to that shouldn’t be on the page. The webmaster should only use siding-related keywords. This will allow for more organic content which is more SEO-friendly, and which also brings us to our second point: Use keywords organically. A common question we get is “how many times should we mention a keyword on a page?” Google can root out when something’s written to be informative, and when it’s written to just add keywords to a page. Since Google makes their money by essentially providing their users a better internet experience, they want to put the best content in the audience’s hands. That means they are looking for well written, organically flowing content. So, a page that focuses on adding a keyword 70+ times on a page, rather than just a few times, but strategically placed for ease of reading will score higher on search rankings. The biggest thing to remember is make sure the keywords fit within the context of the page. Are you writing about your tropical fish store?  Keep your motorcycle parts side business off that page. Using keywords correctly actually pretty easy, if you understand the focus of them. If you need any guidance, or just let the pros handle it, give Sinergy a call today.  

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