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A new website, social media page, and basic SEO services got DC Building & Design up to date on the internet.

Our Solution

Complete Website Rebuilt

After a few exchanges of email we organized a strategy for creating a fully responsive mobile website to capture traffic that was otherwise missed because of mobile issues with the old website. The new website is responsive so it looks great on all devices. Additionally, search engines now recognize the businesses website as “mobile friendly” for a boost in search engine rankings.

  • SEO conscious responsive design
  • Element usage appropriate for devices for fast page load speed

Localization & Targeting Audiences

  • Focused keyword analysis “set em’ up”
  • Local orientation ensured Second Street the appropriate audience
  • User experience consideration served a functional and easy to use website
  • Our creative design techniques “knocked em’ down”

DC Building & Design located in Deforest had an outdated website that lacked quality user experience (UX) and basic function. Over the two month development process we focused on creating a website that performed on many levels. Our web creation process ensured DC’s website’s functionality and usability were in line with all of the most up-to-date best practices.

While developing the new DC website we used local keywords and elements to help search engines appropriately categorize the website as a local business so people in the area can quickly find the correct choice for their home remodeling needs: DC Building & Design.

Website Best Practices First

The Results


Increase in Traffic in 6 Months


Increase in Keyword Ranking


Derease in Bounce Rate

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