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One of the most complex and confusing aspects of Search Engine Optimization is keeping up with Google and their never-ending updates and improvements to its search algorithm. Upwards of 500 updates a year are published to Google’s search engine equations, most of which happen without notice. A relatively recent update now penalizes distracting interstitials and pop-ups that negatively affect mobile user experience.

Simply removing pop-ups or other features that distract mobile users will help along the way. However, constant changes “under the hood” in the code of your website are necessary in order to stay compliant with the ever-changing

Best practices are always a paramount focus at Sinergy Media and because the requirements set forth by Google change frequently, so do best practices. If it’s difficult for you or your team to keep on top of this crucial aspect of your internet marketing strategy, you have options. Consider using a company that empowers your marketing team and saves them some headache.

At Sinergy Media, we employ a combination of softwares and constant continuing education to keep our sites in compliance with Google’s algorithm and at peak performance.

Google Tools

We integrate your website with Google’s Webmaster and Analytics tools to ensure stelar SEO as well as providing you with the insights and analytics to see exactly where your site stacks up against the competition. Confused about some r all of this? No problem! We enjoy teaching/coaching all skill levels. Don’t want to worry about it at all? No problem either! Sinergy Media can handle all of the “behind the scenes” work – let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best.

Now that’s working smarter.



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